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Using USB digital I/Os of U96 Usb Relay card

USB Digital I/Os of U96

If you want to control any equipment or any load through your PC or laptop, you can not do it directly as they does not have any direct I/O ports. RS232 port is now rare in laptops. So now we have to do it indirectly. We have to use any card or board like U96 or IRS-45D boards which connect to USB or RS232 port and you can then control Digital input/output pins  – Digital I/Os  on board of these cards.

digital I/Os on U96 Usb relay & daq card
Digital I/O connectors of U96

Today we will see how we can control Digital Input/ output pins of U96 Usb Relay & Daq card.
There are total 36 digital I/Os called channels on the U96 card. Any of these pins can be made input or output through proper command. In fact this is done automatically by card itself. It is done on the fly. You do not have to make it specially.

Once you send proper command for the input or output, the card prepares the appropriate pin for input or output function. It then executes the command.
For example if you provide the command S011 command ( this is command for setting the channel 1 pin High or 1 ), first the card will prepare CH1 pin ( go through the User Manual of U96  to know the connector details ) as an output pin and then will make it High. Please note that this card works on 3.3 V so the High pin will measure 3.3V when High. This way you can make any of 36 digital I/Os   High or Low simply by sending appropriate command through connected port.

Output pins can be used for many applications like making LED on/off, operating more relays other than 4 on board relays. Yes, this way you can operate up to 36 extra relays from 36 digital input/outputs of U96.

For input also, it is the same procedure. Take for example if you want to measure the any pin state ( High or Low), send command GI01 ( Get Input of CH1). The card will assign Channel 1 pin as an input pin & send back the state of the pin as 1 ( High) or 0 ( Low). This can be used for many sensing applications like Switch or contact closure, PIR sensor, Digital counter etc.

U96 digital I/Os command

So, as you noticed, using digital I/Os  of U96 is very easy to use. Still if you have any doubts, do let us know.

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