October 6, 2013

USB to relay connectivity

USB to relay connectivity.
USB to relay connectivity is very important requirement for many computer based automation system. Though popular, the ubiquitous RS232 port is becoming a rare commodity, replaced by USB port. This is the reason why USB based systems are more in demand now a days.

USB as such, is a low voltage port and can not be used directly to connect to any high voltage equipment or appliances. To operate or control such equipment or appliance through your computer, you need some kind of control board which can be a bridge between USB port & equipment to be controlled.

This is where USB to relay connectivity fits in. U452 from iknowvations is such board through which you can connect your computer to high voltage equipment or appliance. Having on board USB connector and 4 relays with potential free contacts, it is a perfect bridge between your PC and controlling system. It may be a simple light or electrical appliance or LED lights or motor or any DC/AC based product.

USB relay board iknowvations.in
U452 USB relay board

Operating U452 is very easy. Just connect to it through USB cable, provide power and bingo ! you are ready to go ! Yes, by a simple click you can control any electrical product connected to on board relays. In fact there are 4 of them so you can control 4 different equipments with the help of your PC.

You also get a ready made software iKantrol-111 to test & play with your U452 USB based Relay & DAQ board.

If you know little bit about higher level languages like Visual Basic or Visual C or C# or Delphi, you can write your own little program to control on board relays.

What is more, U452 even has 16 digital inputs & outputs and ADC channels. Using these resources, you can use many kind of analog & digital sensors.

Get some sensors along with your U452 board, connect a siren, add some lines of code and voila ! you are on a way to make a unique Home Security System ! and believe me, nothing beets the satisfaction of ” Made by me ” feeling !

And this can be just beginning to the world of your Smart Home. Control your lights, control temperature, make automatic sprinkler system, make weather station…. the list is endless….limited to your imagination…

We even have detailed Digital Counter application to fire up your creativity. Have a look at it. It can be a nice platform to start with.

Yes, USB to relay connectivity & products like U452 opens up a whole new word of Automation for you. Come on.. let the world know your creative tinkering.

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