July 24, 2017 iU-2RD 2 channel usb relay board from iknowvations

USB relay board – How to set up

USB relay board – How to set up

USB relay board uses usb port to make a mechanical relay ON or OFF. This way we can make any electrical equipment ON or OFF with the help of computer. This is very good for any kind of Home automation or Industrial automation projects.

Today we will see how to set up usb Relay Board – iU-2RD and usb Relay board – iU-4RD from Iknowvations.

iU-2RD-2-channel-usb-relay-board-8 from iknowvations





















4 channel USB relay board- iU-4RD-2 from iknowvations.in
















Both of these boards are very useful for any kind of computer based automation systems. Theses boards are having not only on board relays to operate any kind of electrical equipment but also have digital & analog input & output pins on the board. This digital input and output pins help to do more with these boards.

With the help of these pins you can add mechanical switches, different kind of digital & analog sensors and can make a closed loop automation system. For example, if you want a system where the relays should be ON till a mechanical switch is pressed. This kind of system can be very easily done using this usb relay board.

Now, let us see how we can set up one of these usb relay board. This procedure is same for both the boards as they both employ same IC sets.

1. Download the installation file ( CH340 drivers)  from our download section at https://iknowvations.in/downloads. at any convenient place and run the file with administrative rights. Follow the on screen  instructions This will install necessary file into your computer.

ch341 setup-1











2. Now when you plug in your iU-2RD board first time into computer, the computer will recognize it as a COM port based card and will assign a COM port to the card. This can be checked with the Device Manager tab in Control panel of your computer as shown below-

iU-2RD setup-1






















3. This confirms that the board is now active and connected with your computer. The power LED of the board will be ON and the board when first time gets power will respond with blinking of the User LED. The board has got dual power supply inputs. That is the board can be powered from USB connector as well as 12 V DC power connector. The only thing is that when you want to operate Relays, you have to power the board with 12 V DC power supply as the USB power will not be able to supply the power to operate the on board relays.

4. Now let us test the board. As the board shows up as COM port on your computer you can connect with the board with any serial monitor program like HyperTerminal or PUTTY.

5. Once the usb relay board – iU-2RD is connected to the computer, start the HyperTerminal with 9600 bauds, 8 bits, No parity and 1 stop bit as shown below.

iU-2RD setup-2
















6. You can communicate with the board with the set of commands. All commands are described in User Manual of these respective boards. Please note that all the commands that can be entered have to be in Capital. Please read the User Manual of  iU-2RD before using this card. This can be downloaded from the download section at https://iknowvations.in/downloads/.

7. Now in HyperTerminal window type HELP and press enter key. The board will respond with the HELP menu as shown under –

iU-2RD setup-3




















8. You can play with board using various commands described in the User Manual. For example if you type LED1, the user LED on board will be ON. To make it off, type LED0 and press enter key. The LED will be off. Likewise you can turn ON the Relay1 by sending command RL11 and make it off by RL10 and so on. Please note that you have to use 12V DC power supply to operate the relays.

This shows how you can use this usb relay board with the help of HyperTerminal. Similarly, you can also use this board with your own programs built using higher level languages like VB, Delphi, VC, VC++, C# , Java etc. The program itself can operate the board by sending the proper commands through the assigned COM port.

This way  usb relay board iU-2RD can be very useful in any kind of industrial , Consumer or Home automation kind of projects.

More information about our usb relay boards can be found at https://iknowvations.in/product-category/usb-relay/ 

In coming days, we will post many projects that you can build yourself using these usb relay boards. So what out this space regularly.



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