USB relay 4 channel plus data acquisition card

USB Relay Card


USB relay is a very important requirement in any computer operated home automation or industrial automation system. As we can not connect any high voltage or high current equipment or system directly to our computer, we have to use some kind of connecting board which can act as a bridge between our computer and other equipment.

Though we can also use RS232 port, the old serial port, it has become now rare to find serial port on latest Laptops. USB port on other hand is available on every PC or laptop. So USB port is now widely used for connecting pc or laptop to outside world.

U452 from iknowvations is such USB Relay card. It has on board 4 relays which can be very easily controlled from PC through USB port. Apart from this it has got up to 16 Digital input / output channels and up to 8 analog channels to connect with various kind of sensors. So it is a complete Data Acquisition package along with 4 relays to control outside world.

usb relay 4 channel card

This 4 channel USB relay board can be controlled through ready made software called iKantrol-111. This software can be downloaded freely from download section. You can test U452 USB relay board, out of box, using iKantrol-111.

Those of you who know any higher language like Visual Basic or Visual C or C++ or C# or Delphi, can easily control U452 relay card through writing small program. U452 appears to PC as a COM port and through predefined commands, one can connect to the card & easily control on board relays.

For more information and technical details, you can download User Manual of U452 USB relay board from download section. This will provide you every bit of information to experiment with USB relay card.

If you want more information or clarification regarding this USB relay card, you can always contact our support team at support(at)

We have also other options where you can get from 1 channel USB relay card to 255 channel USB relay card.

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