October 10, 2013

USB IO card iNano-IO with 31 channels.

USB IO card iNano-IO.

iNano USB IO card is very useful to connect to various digital control of devices like switches, gauges, various kind of digital sensors, pumps & relays.

iNano-IO is a USB device. This device is fully compatible with USB 1.1 and USB 2.0 ports.

iNano-IO features 31 digital channels within a small pcb footprint. It has got 20 pin single line birgstrip on both sides for easy connection to external circuits and devices. This device can be powered by +5V drawn from USB port. It can also be powered by external 5V supply.

USB IO iNano-IO card iknowvations.in
iNano-IO card

All connections are made to two 20 pin single line birgstrip connector. At start all pins are made output and are at 0 – low voltage level. Any pin can be made output or input on a fly. Just send the right command and input or output state is made automatically through inbuilt firmware. Each pin can be configured individually as input or output.

USB IO card iNano-IO Operation –
Connecting iNano-IO to your computer is very easy. Just download iNano inf file from our download section. This is to be done only once. When you connect iNano-IO board for very first time to your computer, it will ask for the driver. Direct it to the folder where you have stored the downloaded inf file. Your PC will do the rest part automatically. The board will be shown as COM port. The COM port number will be allocated by computer automatically.

iNano-IO usb io connection detail
iNano-IO connector detail.

After proper installation, your computer will recognize the iNano-IO board and you can check it through your Device Manager program also. It will be shown as iNano board.

iNano-IO board can be operated by passing various commands to the allocated COM port. For the complete list of programs please download User Manual from our download section.

You can operate it through COM port or you can even write your own program by using higher level languages like Visual Basic, Delphi, VC, C# etc.

Power consumption of USB IO iNano-IO card-

This iNano USB IO board can be powered by USB port as well as external +5V power supply. Please note that when it is powered by USB port, the current consumption of total setup does not exceed 500 mA specified by USB org. Going  beyond this limit can damage the board as well as your computer & USB port.

Each pin or channel of iNano USB IO board can supply or sink 5 mA current so you have to keep in mind this limit while connecting external circuits with the board. If you need more power you can use external power supply for the board.

USB IO boards like this iNano-IO can be very handy for Home or Industrial Automation projects. It can connect to variety of digital sensors and get proper inputs for further processing. You can also connect relay boards through digital outputs for operating High voltages devices.

For more information you can contact to our support team at support(at)iknowvations.in. To buy this USB IO card iNano-IO please visit our online iknowvations shoppee at http://shoppee.iknowvations.in

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