November 17, 2015 usb 255 channel digital i/o card from

USB I/O board 255 channels UIO-333 launched.

255 channel USB I/O board UIO-333

Getting real world information through computer ports like USB & Serial RS232 port, is a very important part of computer automation. For this we require a card which can interact with various Sensors & switches and provide information to computer via its Serial RS232 or USB port.
UIO-333 USB based 255 channel I/O board-1 from iknowvations
USB I/O board UIO-333 from Iknowvations is such a board which has got high  – up to 255 digital inputs & outputs – number of channels to cater for many industrial requirements. It can monitor ( & communicate with PC as well) up to 254 input channels at a high speed.This info can be processed & proper outputs can also be be made High or Low as per PC program.

The UIO-333 USB I/O board is also having up to 69 ADC channels having 12 bit accuracy. These channels can be utilized for monitoring various kind of sensors like Temperature, Pressure, Light, Distance, Speed etc.
UIO-333 USB based 255 channel I/O board-2 from iknowvations
The USB based UIO-333 can be connected to any USB port of PC or Laptop & appears as a COM port so it becomes very easy to communicate with it. Even a simple serial communication  program like Hyper Terminal can be used to communicate with UIO-333. It has got many simple commands that can be used to do various tasks from the board.

All the simple commands are very easy to remember & are logically named. For example to make any channel high you have to send SH001, that is Set High channel no. 001. To make it low you have to send SL001. It is very easy. You can also build simple programs using any higher level language like VB, C++, C# or Delphi and use the UIO-333 USB I/O board for any kind of computer based automation projects.

UIO-333 USB based 255 channel I/O board-3 from iknowvations
The 255 channels are brought out in 5 different groups with 56 pin male connector for easy connections.On board power LED & user LED is also provided. A 500 mA re-settable fuse is also provided for protection from excessive current drain.

The main features of UIO-333 USB I/O board are as under –

1. Up to 255 digital input & output channels.
2. Industry standard 3.3 V operation.
3. Up to 69 ADC channels ( 12 bits) depending upon various models.
4. On board Power & User LEDs.
5. High Speed Communication capability. ( 115200 bauds).

There are various models available depending upon different features. The model number is provided as UIO-R1A where UIO stands for the class of this board where as other letters are used as under –

First letter –

R- RS232 serial port based
U- USB based
B- Bluetooth based
F- RF based

Second letter –

1 – 148 channels
2 – 201 channels
3 – 254 channels

Third letter –

A – No ADC channels
B – 13 ADC channels
C – 27 ADC channels
D – 41 ADC channels
E – 55 ADC channels
F – 69 ADC channels

UIO-333 USB based 255 channel I/O board-4 from iknowvations
For more detailed technical information and commands information, you can go through UIO-333 User Manual which can be downloaded from our download section at

If you have any query regarding above USB I/O board UIO-333, you can contact our support team at support(at) They are ever ready to help you out.

You can buy this board from our online shopee at

Happy automating !

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