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U96 as Usb Relay Controller

U96 as Usb Relay Controller.

U96 USB relay & Daq card is a very good example of Usb relay controller. U96 has got 4 on board relays that can be controlled from you PC or laptop. It has also got 36 additional port pins that can also be used to control external Relays. So if you wish you can control total 36 + 4 =40  relays through this usb relay controller card.

The on board relays are of cube relay type having 7 Amp capacity at 230 V AC and upto 10 Amp capacity for 120 V AC or 24 V DC. So you can control any AC or DC electrical equipment or appliance through these relays from your PC. Each relay is having high capacity connector along side for easy connection.
U69 usb relay & daq card-1 from iknowvations.in
The User Manual of U96 provides the detail of commands that has to be sent to control on board relays. For example if you want to make the Relay1 ON, you have to send the command RL11. Please remember that all commands have to be sent in CAPITAL letters only.

The command – RL11 – Make Relay1 1 that is High or ON. As soon as U96 – usb relay controller – will make first relay ON. If you have connected any electrical equipment or appliance, this will make it ON. For example if you have connected fan to this relay than fan will be ON the moment Relay1 is made ON.  To make it OFF, you have to send command – RL10. To know how to connect any electrical equipment to the on board relays of this usb relay controller, please go through the User manual of U96.

The relays are having potential free contacts inside them. They act just like switch. This is as good as any wall  switch you operate daily for switching ON or OFF your Fan or lights. The only difference is that instead of doing it manually, you are now operating the switches ( in turn the lights & fans ) with the help of your computer – the automation way – with the help of USB relay controller.

As these Lights or Fans or in that matter any electrical appliance is now controlled by PC or laptop, you can control them with a small program written in any higher level languages like VB, VC, C++, C# or Delphi. You can make them ON for few seconds, few minutes or for predetermined time.

As the U96 Usb Relay & Daq card is also having digital & analog inputs, you can attach various sensors to it & control lights or any other electric item like motor when certain conditions are met. For example you can attach temperature sensor to the analog inputs and make fan operate when it is hot & off when the temperature has come down. Well that is a Automated Temperature controller system you are talking about. This is just an example, you can do lot of automation projects with this U96 – usb relay controller card.

If you want more technical information, please download U96 User manual from our download section at http://iknowvations.in/downloads/. If you have any technical questions, do write to our support team at support(at)iknowvations.in .

You can buy this U96 USB relay & Daq card from our online Iknowvations Shopee at http://shopee.iknowvations.in.

Happy relaying !

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