June 24, 2016 Turn USB port to multiple Digital & Analog I/Os

Turn USB port to multiple Digital & Analog I/Os

Turn USB port to multiple Digital & Analog I/Os

USB port is an important communication channel for PC as well as smartphone based automation projects. Though USB port does not have any Digital & analog I/Os, with the help of special boards like our iU-45D board,we can turn it  into multiple digital & analog I/Os for controlling purpose.

Digital & analog I/Os – digital & analog input / outputs play very important role in any automation project. Automation means acquiring the data, processing it & making decision based on certain predefined rules. According to this, it will set outputs.
iU-45D USB Relay & DAQ board with digital & analog I/Os from iknowvations-1

Let us see how the iU-45D not only helps us to build many such automation projects but also we can do many school based science projects with the help of it.

The main features of iU-45D USB based Relay & DAQ board having multiple digital & analog I/Os are as under –

1.    Up to 31 Digital & Analog I/Os.
2.    Up to 17 Analog inputs.
3.    12 bits ADC resolution.
4.    One 12 Bit DAC on board.
5.    Low power Real Time clock ( optional)
6.    3 V battery. ( optional)
7.    On board 4 Relays to control higher power load.
8.    3 Open collector outputs to control 12 V Dc, 500 mA external load.
9.    On board Flash memory and MicroSD Card connector .( optional)
10.  User LED for user interaction.
11.  Two kinds of RF modules can be added ( optional).
iU-45D USB Relay & DAQ board with digital & analog I/Os from iknowvations-2

 Now let us see how this board with multiple Digital & analog I/Os can help us in our various projects.

1. The board is USB based so it becomes very easy to connect & use. Almost all PCs & laptops have at least 3 USB ports.

2. iU-45D has got up to 31 digital & analog I/Os – a lot considering many home or industrial automation project or any school science project. Hence  we can connect many sensors having analog or digital outputs to these I/Os.

So it becomes very easy to measure Temperature, Pressure, Humidity, Magnetic, light, Gas or any other parameters for our project.

3. Also it has got 4 on board relays, so we can not only measure the data but we can also control the outputs like Heater, Solenoids, Heavy Electrical connector for controlling any loads that we can not control by this card directly.

4. An user LED is also there. We can use this LED  to convey many messages by the board to us.

5. Also the DAC channel can output any voltage bet 0 to 3.3 V having 12 bit accuracy.

6. While having relay outputs, it is also having 3 open collector outputs which we can use to control any 12 V, 500 mA loads like motor, solenoids, LEDs.

7. If you are going for RTC & Flash memory or MicroSD card option, this card can also be used for Data Logging purpose. The data will be collected at regular interval and will be recorded into Flash memory or MicroSD card. We can upload this data  to PC for further processing.

8. In addition to all these features there is also option for adding two kind of RF modules to this cards. This again opens up many possibilities of controlling other equipment & gathering data from so many other sensors.

iU-45D USB Relay & DAQ board with digital & analog I/Os from iknowvations-3
In conclusion, if we see,  we can do a lot with the help of this very useful card- iU-45D having multiple digital & analog I/Os as far as Home & industrial automation projects and even school science projects are concerned.

So come back we are going to publish many projects based on this card for you.

Meanwhile if you have any idea or project in mind, do let us know at suppot@iknowvations.in . We will try to include your project in our list.

If you want more info, please go through the User Manual of iU-45D, which you can download from our download section at http://iknowvations.in/downloads/.

Furthermore you can buy this very useful & feature rich card from our online Iknowvations Shopee.

Happy Automating !




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