July 16, 2015

New USB relay & daq card U96 launched.

USB Relay & Daq card U96.

The new USB relay & daq card U96 is a much improved version of our very much popular usb card U452. U96 has got more features than its predecessor U452.
Based on ARM chip it boasts 36 input output channels including 15 fast ADC channels. It has as usual on board 4 relays to connect any electrical appliances for home & industrial automation projects.

U96 usb io and relay card from iknowvations.in
Apart from having on board RTC with battery back up, it has also got Flash memory and Micro SD card connector for Data logging application. With this capability , the U96 card can also be utilized as stand alone data logger. Though these features are available only in higher versions.

It has also got connector for full color LCD to show various parameters and can also be used for various applications where not only controlling but user interacting is also important.

All these features are further enhanced by use of RF modules which can be used to control many cards wirelessly. So with U96 your PC or laptop can be an automated control system.

You can write your own software to use this card with many higher level programming languages like VB, C++, VC, Delphi, C# etc. Or you can control this card with simple commands ( for command details please go through User Manual of U96 ) using any terminal software like Hyper Terminal.

U96 usb relay & daq card-1 from iknowvations.inFeatures –

The main features of U96 USB relay & DAQ card are as under –

1. USB based combined Input/Output and relay card.
2. Total  36 Digital & Analog I/Os.
3. 15 fast 12 bit analog – ADC channels.
4. On board RTC with battery backup.
5. 4 on board relays to control any high voltage loads.
6. Two on board Auto reset fuses to protect the card.
7. On board connector for full color LCD module.
8. On board connectors for RF modules.
9. On board 4 M byte  Flash Memory to store data & other information
10. On board Micro SD card connector.
11. 3.3V operation as per latest trend.
12. Based on 32 bit ARM chip.
13. Unique serial number to each card.
14. Various kind of sensors can be attached for controlling & monitoring purposes.
15. Can be used as stand alone Data Logger.

Applications –

U96 can be used in various kinds of applications like –

1. Home automation.
2. Industrial automation.
3. Data logger.
4. PC or laptop based instrumentation.
5. PC based remote control automated system.
6. Stand alone machinery control system.
7. PC based remote monitoring system.
8. Laboratory based instrumentation.

Please note that many of the above features are available only in higher versions of the card.

U96 usb relay & daq card with LCD
This U96 USB relay & DAQ card, combines many features that makes it very useful & invaluable for various kind of Home & industrial automation projects.

For more information and other technical aspects, go through the User Manual of U96, which can be downloaded from our download section at http://iknowvations.in/downloads/ . Also do not forget the driver file U96.inf which will be required when you connect U96 for the first time to your PC or laptop.

We will post many useful tips, tricks and projects based on U96 to help you play with this wonderful and very user friendly USB relay & daq card. Apart from this, our support team is ever ready to answer any technical questions that you would like to post.

If you have any questions or like to know how this card can be used for your kind of requirement contact our support team at support ( at) iknowvations.in for a perfect solution.

U96 usb relay & daq card with RF module
So let your imagination fly with this little U96 usb relay & daq card !

You can buy this card through our online Iknowvations shopee at http://shopee.iknowvations.in .

Happy automating !

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