Digital Counter using iNano-IO board.

Digital Counter using iNano-IO.

Today we will see how we can make a very easy yet very versatile 8 digit digital counter using iNano-IO multipurpose USB based board.

iNano-IO can be used to make a very useful Digital Counter only by adding a simple push to on microswitch & a small 0.1 mfd disc capacitor.

Following are the main features of Digital Counter –

1. 8 digit counter
2. UP & Down Count facility.
3. Counting speed can be up to 30,000 counts per minute.
4. Includes Batch Counting facility.
5. Any time counter Stop & Reset facility.

Just add a simple switch to Channel 1 input pin of iNano-IO as shown in following picture.

Digital counter using iNano-IOFollowing shows a close up of push to on micro switch connected to iNano-IO.

close up of microswitch connected to iNano-IOA disc capacitor of 0.1 microfarad is connected in parallel to micro switch terminals to debounce the contacts. Adding micro switch to iNano-IO is very simple.

Connect a wire from one terminal of micro switch to any input channel pin of iNano-IO and from other terminal to ground. Any channel of iNano-IO in Input mode is automatically pulled up by a weak resistor.

So when switch is open, getting input from connected channel will provide “1″ – High input value. When switch is pressed, it will short the input pin to the ground & will provide “0″ value.

This values can be monitored periodically by PC software using timer. This data is used to make digital counter.

We have developed such Digital Counter – iKount using VC# for you. You can download this software free from our Download section.

Following are some of the screenshots of iKount in action.

iKount digital counter-1 using iNano-IO

iKount digital counter-2 using iNano-IO

iKount digital counter-3 using iNano-IO

This is an example of how to make a sophisticated Digital Counter with the help of iNano-IO – USB based multipurpose Card.

You can download iKount – Digital Counter software free from our Download Section. Just download the zip file into any suitable folder, setup the iKount , connect iNano-IO and you are ready to go !

For more information on iKount Digital Counter please visit iKount Digital Counter page.

If you are interested in source code of iKount, please contact our support team.

You can have more information of iNano-IO Card by clicking this link.

To buy iNano-IO Card please visit our Iknowvations Shoppee.

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