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2 channel USB Relay & DAQ board iU-2RD launched.

2 channel USB Relay & DAQ board iU-2RD.

Iknowvations has launched their latest addition of USB based relay boards – 2 channel
USB Relay & DAQ board – iU-2RD. This USB relay board is upgraded version of our
highly popular 2 channel RS232 based relay board. More I/Os and more powerful
power supply with better thermal management has been incorporated in the new design of
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Based on our experience & customers demand, the latest design of 2 channel USB relay
board – iU2-RD is provided with following features –

1. 2 on board relays with 230 V AC / 7 Amp capacity.
2. On board power LED.
3. On board User LED.
4. On board Relay checking micro switch.
5. 7 digital I/Os.
6. 4 10 bits ADC channels.
7. Compact barrel connector for 12 V dc power supply.
8. Easy commands for operating the board.
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This iU-2RD 2 channel USB relay board is very useful for computer operated automation
and other controlling projects. USB provides very easy connectivity with the board.

The board is a CDC device so it will appear as a COM port to the PC. So now it can
be used even with a simple serial terminal utility like Hyper Terminal or PUTTY or any
other serial terminal software. You can also use higher level languages like VB, C#,
VC++ to have your own program for controlling the 2 channel USB relay board iU-2RD.
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You can not only monitor various analog or digital signals from various kind of
Temperature, Pressure, Magnetic , Light & Gas sensors. It can also used to monitor
mechanical switches for manual inputs to your system.

Based on sensor inputs to the card, you can control the outputs also. Say for example
– to make a temperature controller, get the input from temperature sensor and based
on inputs you can decide if a fan has to be operated or not. You can connect
temperature sensor to ADC inputs and a fan to the one of the relay. That is all. You
have complete Temperature controller !

Like the above example, you can use this 2 channel USB relay board iU-2RD for many other projects.
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For more technical information, you can download the iU-2RD User Manual from our
download section at https://iknowvations.in/downloads/.

To purchase the card, please visit our online iknowvations shopee.

If you have any questions, you can contact our support team at support (at)
iknowvations.in . They are ever ready to answer your any technical questions.

Happy USB relaying !

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