July 25, 2012

What is Remote Control ?

Remote control means to control anything remotely. Though Remote controlling was very well used in grand epic days of Ramayana & Mahabharata in India 5000 years before present remote controlling technology started to emerge. In early days of industrial revolution, only machinery and other hazardous equipments were targeted for a kind of remote control to make it safe for operators. As the field of electronics developed, new technology & new electronic components started revolutionizing the automation scenario.

Remote Control broadly can be divided into two categories –

Wired Remote Control

This is the simplest way to control anything. The main controlling part is placed at a remote place & the equipment is connected through long wires. This was the first kind of remote control used in early days of industrial development.

Wireless Remote Control

As the technology of Telecommunication & Television developed, use of Radio Frequency for other purposes also started. Most of the initial development was done in military sector. As more & more sophisticated technologies were developed for military, old technologies were slowly being opened for civilian sector. At the same time, consumer electronics sector was also witnessing boom into the market.

As Radio Frequency (RF) technology, was little bit sophisticated and costly, consumer industry – mainly TV sector – developed very simple & cheap technology based on Infra Red Light. Data Transmission was very easy & required less energy. This was very useful to have a very handy remote control handset running on mearly 2 pencil cells. This became a huge success.

Latter on, at the begening of this century, development in RF technology was also picking up. Size of RF components was srinking & at the same time the energy requirement of these components was also reducing. This has made RF technology a strong contender for Remote Control alongwith IR remote control. Though it is not that cheap, RF remote control is making inroads to consumer and industrial sector.

So wireless remote control can be acheived mainly through use of either IR or RF technology.

As InfraRed light is not able pass solid objects, IR technology based Remote controls are mainly used for short distance controlling (upto 70-80 feet). Also because it is based on light, line of sight is required for such kind of controllers. That is to say, remote control & equipment should “see” each other. While RF waves can travel for longer distances, RF based remote controls are used for longer distances ( upto 4-5 km). And here no line of sight is necessary.

Remote control has now become  an integral part of our daily life. With the high penteration power of Internet, it has also been used as a part of Remote Controlling system.

Interestingly we also design & develop IR & RF based remote controllers based on customers requirement. If you require any special kind of remote, just drop us a line.

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