September 22, 2012

Make remote control switch


How to make remote controlled light switch

Today we will learn how to make Remote control light switch, well in fact 4 light switches. We are in fact using Ir – Infrared light. It is used  for remote control purpose since many years, specially in  consumer appliances like TV, VCR, DVD players, Home Theater Systems etc. Here we are using same technology, in fact the same remote handset to control our home lights. Yes ! we can use same technology to turn on & off our electrical gadgets.

This is possible with the use of any board which can understand the remote codes that are transmitted by remote handset and act accordingly. Here we are using AZ4CR-03 for our purpose. This is a 4 channel IR remote controlled Relay board. This has 4 channel that means this board can operate 4 on board relays. A relay is a kind of electro-mechanical switch. It consists a small coil which acts like a magnet when power is applied to it. This action is used to construct a contact switch. This whole electro-mechanical construction is housed in a small plastic box.

If you see the AZCR-03 board, it consists of main controller IC, 4 relays, power supply and an IR sensor. We will connect 4 electrical bulbs to 4 relays of AZCR-03. Please go through User Manual to read about connections.

remote control
4 channel IR Remote control relay board – AZ4CR-03

Look at below pics to understand the total setup to make remote control switches. You can use any RC5 coded Philips remote handset to control light switches at your home.
remote control switch setup
remote control switch setup 2
remote control setup showing bulb holders from backside
Remote control switch setup – bulb holder back side detail

Yes , as you can see, it is very easy to make Remote control light switch . In fact you can operate any electrical appliance remotely using this technique.

If you want you can have AZ4CR-03 from Iknowvations Shoppee and have great fun. Please note that this involves 230 V AC so due care is absolutely needed. If you do not have enough experience then please have someone with you who has got enough experience handling high voltages.

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16 thoughts on “Make remote control switch

  1. I would like to make a remote control light switch that would control 5 LED lights that run off a 9v battery. How would I do that ?

    1. For this you can use our 6 channel IR remote board & instead of relays we can provide you the transistor outputs which can control your LED lights. These transistors can control current up to 1 AMP. You can power this board with 9 volt instead of usual 12 v dc.

  2. What type of 12 v dc source can I use here? (To make a remote Control switch for my cooler.).

  3. If 12 V DC supply is off and on will the relay regain the previous position i.e if it was in on state it will remain in on and if it was in off state it will remain in off.

    1. They will be off as this board does not have any memory feature. So whenever power is made off and then on, it will be in reset position. That is all the relays will be off.

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