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IR remote control digital outputs.

IR remote control digital outputs.

What exactly is IR remote control Digital outputs ? Well, you must have heard IR remote control relay boards, IR remote control switches, IR remote control for Robots etc. In each case the outputs are already connected with some kind of equipment , components like Relays or transistors etc. You have to hack the boards if you want only signal for your other purpose.

While these IR remote control digital outputs boards provide you clean out put channels where you can get High ( 5 V Dc) or Low ( 0 V Dc) on receiving the respective command from a Remote handset. So now you have a versatile way to control anything in the world. You get a very clean output which can be used to drive the load you are interested in through proper means.

For example if you want to operate an electrical bulb, then you have to connect a bulb through a Relay. This relay can be of  having coil voltage of 5, 9 12 or 24 V Dc and should be capable of driving high voltage like 120 or 230 V Ac. The relay can be driven through a transistor or ULN 2003 ic.

In case you want to operate the bulb or any high voltage electrical equipment through SSR ( solid State Relay ), you can directly connect the IR remote control digital output to the relay driving inputs. As the driving input to SSR drives a LED inside SSR, there is no need to add any extra components. Though you may add a current limiting resistor if you want.

Same way if you want to connect just an LED then it is a straight forward connection. Just add a current limiting resistor in series to the LED to output pin. Your IR remote control LED is ready.

The driving current ( sourcing ) is limited to 10 mA per channel ( pin) so you have to see that this current limit is not exceeded while using the output pins for your purpose. With this you also have to see that total current drawn through all the output pins should not exceed 100 mA at any time otherwise it may damage the main controlling IC.

We do have IR remote control Relay board with digital outputs on board – iUB-8R-IRO having not only 8 relays but also 9 digital outputs that can be controlled from your IR remote handset.

IR remote control digital outputs - iknowvations.in
iUB-8R-IRO IR remote control relay card with 9 digital outputs.

If you want to know how you can control the digital outputs and other technical information, please go through the User Manual of iUB-8R-IRO. You can download the User Manual from our download section at http://iknowvations.in/downloads/.

If you have any questions or if you want any special product designed as per your requirement, do contact our Support Team at support(at)iknowvations.in . Our support team is ever ready to provide you any kind of technical help.

If you are interested we have also IR remote control relay boards of different configuration. You can have a look at it at our online iknowvations shopee.
Happy IR remote – ing !

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