July 24, 2014

Infrared IR remote control transmitter as per your requirement.

Infrared IR remote control transmitter.

IR infrared light is a popular means of wireless communication for remote control applications. Infrared remote control is a very robust, cheap and highly reliable remote control system in the world. Almost all the home entertainment systems use Infrared IR remote control technology to control the systems.

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There are many different protocol standards as far as transmitting commands via an infrared wireless interface is concerned. Almost all TV manufacturers have established their own coding system – protocols. RC5 of Philips & SIRC of Sony is among most popular of them.

If you want to use this same technology in your own system or product, you have to follow the same coding system to use readily available TV remote or other handsets. This way you can have ready made transmitters that are available everywhere and are cheap.

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This arrangement – to use ready made transmitter – is easy and cheap but if you want to have exclusive products, your IR remote control transmitter should use different codes than the commonly used codes. Otherwise if your product is in the same room that is having the TV, it may happen that your TV will also operate while operating the product and vice-versa.

To prevent this kind of situation , you must use different unique codes which are not used by any other products. This way only your product will operate with your remote and it will not interfere with any other products.

We have introduced special long range Infrared Remote control transmitter having 8 buttons on board. This transmitter can be programmed as per your requirements with unique codes. This way it can be a unique IR transmitter which will not interfere with other products.

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Please note that this kind of arrangement is only for persons or companies who are looking for their unique Infrared IR remote control transmitter.

If you have any questions, please contact our support team at support@iknowvations.in or for any sales inquiry you can contact our Sales Team at sales@iknowvations.in.

Happy remote controlling !

By Jayprakash

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