April 18, 2014

How to use infrared ir remote control to make a robot.

How to use infrared ir remote control to make a robot.

Using infrared – IR light to control is a very old technology but as it is very cheap and very reliable, it is used to control most of our home equipments like TV, Audio video systems, Home Theater systems, Resident light systems ,Home automation systems etc.

ir infrared remote control robot iknowbot1Although it is required that IR transmitter & IR receiver to have line of sight with each other, in a closed environment, due to strong transmitter, receiver is able to get the correct signals even after reflected from surfaces like Glass & walls. So if transmitter is strong then most of the times, it is not necessary to point your IR remote control towards the sensor.

The same IR technology can also be used to control a robot. Basically when a button is pressed on a IR remote like your TV or Home theater remote, a certain kind of pulses are transmitted by IR transmitter and this IR rays are received by IR receiver sensor. This IR sensor converts these coded pulses into a simpler form. This information is then processed by an IC integrated circuit – a micro controller, to take appropriate action.

Why IR remote control for robot ?

When we want to use this IR signals for our robot, we have to process these signals as per our requirement. We generally use common TV remote for this purpose as these remote are available in any corner of the world and are very cheap. We use the same remote but the interpretation of the signals is done to suit our requirement.

For example, the Volume Up button on the remote is used to increase the volume as far as TV is concerned but we may interpret that button another way for controlling of our robot.

Take for example, following diagram. It shows how the different buttons on remote handset are used to have different functions. This is the functions when you use iR-4C-M board and use it to control your robot.

The number buttons are selected as all handsets have these buttons. The codes that are used are following RC5 coding system developed by Philips. So you can use any Philips remote to control iR-4C-M 4 channel IR remote board that is specially programmed to control 2 DC motors. ir remote for  iknowbot1 robot By using this card you can control DC motors on your robot platform.

iR-4C-M ir remote card for robot

As you can see there is an IR sensor which gets IR signals transmitted by the remote handset. These signals are simplified and supplied to a micro controller on the board. This micro controller is programmed to operate the 4 relays in a certain combination way so that the 2 DC motors can be moved forward & backwards. dc motors And these combinations help the robot to move forward, reverse, take left turn, right turn etc.

robot platform


It becomes very easy by using this board iR-4C-M to make a IR remote controlled robot.

We have also got other posts where you can find details on how to make infrared IR remote controlled robot.

For more information and technical detail, you can download User Manual of iR-4C-M from our download section at http://iknowvations.in

By Jayprakash

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