May 3, 2014

How to use infrared IR remote to control dc motors.

How to use infrared IR remote to control dc motors.

Controlling dc motors is very important, in fact prime requirement of many toys and other equipments. Robotics is also another field where control of dc motors is required.

dc motors

Today we will see how 2 dc motors forming a part of robot platform can be controlled wirelessly through infrared ( IR) remote. IR remotes are widely available and used. You can find them in any house of the world. In fact it may be safely said that their population is much more then our population on this planet.

Apart from  this, IR technology is very cheap and very reliable. So let us see how this same technology can be used to control our robot.

IR remote handset contains a small transmitter LED which transmits a special pattern of pulses of Infrared light when any button is pressed. The pattern depends upon which button is pressed. Different TV manufacturers have developed their own pattern system – also called coding. Philips – RC5 and Sony are most used and popular coding system.

We will also, use this same RC5 based IR transmitter to control our robot. You can use any TV remote control manufactured by Philips to control their TV sets.

Most of the robot platforms use small DC motors to control the wheels. The movement of robot will depend upon how you control these 2 motors. Following is the diagram how the movement of robot can be controlled by making ON or OFF two motors.

robot platform diagram
Following is the iR-4C-M card detail, which is used to control 2 DC motors.

iR-4C-M ir remote card for robot

There are 4 relays on this board. These 4 relays are used to connect 2 DC motors or actuators as per following diagram.

relay operations iknowvations

So when these 2 dc motors are connected to this iR-4C-M board, you can control these dc motors by any Philips infrared IR remote.  For more technical detail you can download User manual of iR-4C-M.

Following pic shows the buttons used to control 2 dc motors used on  iKnowBot1 robot.

ir remote for iknowbot1 robot

There are also 4 input pins on this iR-4C-M board which can be used to stop the DC motors in case there is  any obstacle or in industrial environment these input pins can be used as limit switches.

So, go on, now you know how to control your DC motors using infrared IR remote.

Happy controlling ! Let us start !

By Jayprakash


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