February 14, 2015

12 ch IR remote control relay card with programmable RC5 code iR-12C-V launched.

12 ch IR remote control relay card with programmable RC5 code iR-12C-V launched.

We have introduced our new 12 channel infrared IR remote control card iR-12C-V which can be programmed with your own RC5 code. The programming of the code can be done easily through the on board jumper setting. The 12 channel IR remote control board is also having facility for All ON and All Off apart from the Toggle mode & Momentary mode for the Relay groups.

These features facilitates you to control total 12 * 32 * 4 = 1536 relays without interfering with each other.

12-ch-ir-infrared-remote-control-relay-board-iR-12C-V-1 iknowvations
The 12 channel IR remote control board iR-12C-V is using RC5 coding system. The RC5 codes have 5 bits allocated to system group and 6 bits allocated to command group, out of total 14 bits. You can provide the system code bits through the jumper settings and each command group can control up to 4 boards having 12 on board relays. All these boards have their own All On & All Off button codes so that you can individually make all the relays of a particular board either ON or OFF with a press of a single button.

The main features of the 12 channel IR remote control board iR-12C-V are as follow –

1. 12 on board Relays, each having its own connector.
2. On board system code programming jumper.
3. On board command group programming jumper.
4. Facility to make relays operate in Momentary mode or Toggle mode.
5. Operates from 12 V DC power supply.
6. On board 5 V DC regulator.
7. LED indicator for each relay.
8. LED indicator for Power and Proper Signal Receipt.
9. Compact size of only 107 * 111 mm.

power input of 12 ch ir remote control card iR-12C-V iknowvations
With this board you can make any electrical equipment operating on either 230 V AC or 110 V AC, infrared IR remote controlled.

12-ch-ir-infrared-remote-control-relay-board-iR-12C-V-3 iknowvations
Programming jumpers

As the codes are programmable very easily, this board can be used with any programmable IR transmitter. The board is also having default codes inbuilt so that you can use our standard RC5 transmitter handset without any kind of changes in factory supplied board.

You can download the User Manual of this 12 channel IR remote controlled relay board iR-12C-V from our download section at https://iknowvations.in/downloads.

The board can be bought from our online shopee at http://shopee.iknowvations.in .

12-ch-ir-infrared-remote-control-relay-board-iR-12C-V-6 iknowvations
If you have any questions or want to have more information or want us to make such IR remote controlled relay boards as per your specifications, do write to our support team at support@iknowvations.in

So from now on, control anything without leaving the comfort of your bed or sofa !

Happy Remote Controlling !

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