STM8SVLDISCOVERY with iknowvations Experiment Board.

STM8SVLDISCOVERY with iknowvations Experiment Board.

The STM8SVLDISCOVERY, based on the STM8S003K3T6, is a quick-start evaluation
board for the 8-bit mainstream line of MCUs from STMicroelectronics. It is the cheapest and quickest way to discover the STM8S Value line features and performance, to program and use the device, and to build and debug applications. It has also embedded debugger ST-LINK on board to debug & program STM8S003K3T6 controller.

Just connect the STM8SVLDISCOVERY to a PC through a standard USB cable, and you can start playing with the pre-programmed example. With the help of debugger, you can see the real-time execution of the code. Ready to run applications are provided to allow you to learn, reuse and modify their source code. This can be used for a quick proof-of-concept, evaluation or demonstration prototype.

To do different kind of experiments with such boards, you need some kind of card on which you can place various components as per your requirement. Experiment Board from iknowvations can be such card.

This card is double sided PTH card with 0.1 inch ( 2.54 mm) standard 1 mm holes to accommodate various components as per your circuit.

Following are some of pics how this card can be used or arranged to directly plug on to various output pins of the STM8SVLDISCOVERY board.

STM8SVLDISCOVERY with iknowvations Experiment board-1

STM8SVLDISCOVERY with iknowvations Experiment board-2

Get it & let your creativity fly !


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