USB io 252 channel card UIO-369


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USB io 252 channel card UIO-369

USB io card is very useful for computer based automation requirements. UIO-369 card boasts up to 252 digital input /output channels. This card also is having ADC channels for measuring analog values.

UIO-369 Digital Inputs/Outputs & DAQ board with
252 channels and USB/RS232/Bluetooth/RF connectivity.

Welcome to the world of Computer Automation. This Digital Input/Outputs (DIO) Board – UIO-369
is a perfect companion for all your computer automation projects where you require large number of
I/Os as well as DAQ capability.

UIO-369 usb io card can be connected with USB / RS232 serial COM port / Bluetooth / RF to PC, laptop or
any Android device.( different models have different connectivity.) It has up to 252 digital & 40 analogue
I/Os that will help you to monitor various real world scenarios using switches & different kind of sensors to
monitor many parameters like Temperature, Pressure, Light, Touch, PH etc. This card is not only good for
monitoring various parameters but a perfect candidate for Data Acquisition & control applications.

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It appears as a USB CDC ( Communications Device Class) device when connected to USB port of a
computer ( for USB based cards). This creates a Virtual Serial (COM) Port, which allows easy communication
with the card. Any programming language that supports serial communications ( C, C#, C++, VB, VB.NET,
Perl, Java etc) can be used to communicate with UIO-369 very easily. Easy to use commands are available
to communicate with UIO-369 which handle various tasks like Controlling Digital Inputs & Outputs and
getting analog data etc.

The controller provides up to 252 digital input & output pins. It has also got up to 40 analog input pins
and up to 35 PWM output pins.All pins will be individually configured as Digital Input or Digital output or
Analog input automatically as per input command on the fly.


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Each Digital pin can support a TTL or Schmitt Trigger Input or a 3.3V output. Each analog pin will convert
analog voltage ( Between 0 to 3V) or Higher ( through voltage divider) into 10 bit resolution value. The
output can be raw data or converted into voltage. The raw data be converted into required form using
conversion formulas.

Any kind of sensor whether it is providing digital output or analogue output can be interfaced with UIO-369
and monitored with the help of computer.

Technical Specifications of usb io UIO-369 card –


Digital Inputs/outputs – Up to 252 ( 3.3 V DC max) + one LED output.

Max Current – 5 mA per pin sink or source from any channel pin.

Analog Inputs – Up to 40 ( 3.3 V DC max) depending upon card variant.

PWM Outputs – Up to 35 max ( 3.3 V DC max) depending upon card variant

Supply voltage – 7 – 12 V DC.

ADC Resolution – 10 bits

For more information please refer to the User Manual of UIO-369. This manual can be downloaded from our download section at

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