U96 USB Relay & Daq card



U96 USB Relay & DAQ Card. ( Basic version)

Features –

The main features of U96 USB relay & DAQ card are as under –

1. USB based combined Input/Output and relay card.
2. Total 36 Digital & Analog I/Os.
3. 15 fast 12 bit analog – ADC channels.
4. On board RTC with battery backup. ( available only on higher versions )
5. 4 on board relays to control any high voltage loads.
6. Two on board Auto reset fuses to protect the card.
7. On board connector for full color LCD module.( available only on higher versions )
8. On board connectors for RF modules. ( available only on higher versions )
9. On board 4 M byte Flash Memory to store data & other information. ( available only on higher versions )
10. On board Micro SD card connector. ( available only on higher versions )
11. 3.3V operation as per latest trend.
12. Based on 32 bit ARM chip.
13. Unique serial number to each card.
14. Various kind of sensors can be attached for controlling & monitoring purposes.
15. Can be used as stand alone Data Logger.

Applications –

U96 can be used in various kinds of applications like –

1. Home automation.
2. Industrial automation.
3. Data logger.
4. PC or laptop based instrumentation.
5. PC based remote control automated system.
6. Stand alone machinery control system.
7. PC based remote monitoring system.
8. Laboratory based instrumentation.

Please download U96 User Manual from our download section at https://iknowvations.in/downloads for detailed technical information. If you have any questions do contact our support team at support@iknowvations.in

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