iU-45D USB Relay & DAQ board



4 channel USB Relay & DAQ Board : iU-45D

Welcome to the world of Computer Automation. This USB Relay Board – iU-45D is a perfect companion
for all your computer automation projects. It is USB based card having 4 onboard relays for switching
external devices and up to 31 Digital Input/Outputs and 17 Analog channels .
The Analog channels have 12 bit resolution for connecting many sensors to measure parameters like
Temperature, Pressure, Humidity, Magnetic etc.
The board shows up as COM port to your PC (check in Device Manager) , which allows easy communication with
the card. Any programming language that supports serial communications ( C, C#, C++, VB, VB.NET,
Perl, Java etc) can be used to communicate with iU-45D very easily.

Easy to use commands are available to communicate with iU-45D for Switching On/Off of Relays and playing with Input/Output channels and Analog inputs.

Technical Specifications –

No. Of Relays – 4.
Relay Specifications – Coil Voltage 12V Dc. Contact capacity – 5A Max.
Supply voltage – 12 V Dc.
Supply Current – 300 mA max.
No. Of digital input/outputs – up to 31.
Digital outputs sink/source current – 5 mA max. ( current beyond this limit may damage the board)
No. Of Analog inputs – 17.
ADC resolution – 12 bits , 4096 counts.
ADC input range – 0 to 3 V Dc.

For more technical information, you can download the User Manual of iU-45D from our
download section at https://iknowvations.in/downloads/.