iRS-LD Serial RS232 16*2 LCD display



iRS-LD Serial RS232 16*2 LCD Display

Welcome to iRS-LD. These boards are Serial LCD boards.

iRS-LD is only Serial LCD board while iRS-LD-DAQ is having additional 16
input output pins which can be used for Data Acquisition purposes apart from
using it as regular serial LCD.

Features –

1. RS232 based serial LCD.
2. Can be connected directly to COM port of any computer or laptop.
3. On board TTL connections also to connect to any MCU.
4. Can be used for 16*2 LCD. ( other options also will shortly be provided)
5. Simple commands to use full functionality of LCD. No need to know how to
program LCD.
6. Up to 16 Digital I/Os including 4 ADC channels (having 10 bit resolution)
are provided for Data Acquisition purpose. ( only for iRS-LD-DAQ board.)
7. 9-12 V dc power supply can be used. 5V regulator is provided on board.
8. Back Light of LCD can be controlled directly by software command.
9. On board power supply LED for visual indication.

Additional information

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