2 channel RS-232 based relay & DAQ board iRS-2R-21



2 channel RS232 Relay & DAQ Board -iRS-2R-21

Welcome to the world of Computer Automation. This RS232 Relay Board – iRS-2R-21 is a perfect companion for all your computer automation projects. It is RS232 based card having 2 on board relays for switching external devices and up to 4 Digital Input/Output and Analog channels .

The Analog channels have 10 bit resolution for connecting many sensors to measure parameters like Temperature, Pressure, Humidity, Magnetic etc. It uses existing Com Port ( you can choose the available one), which allows easy communication with the card.

Any programming language that supports serial communications ( C, C#, C++, VB, VB.NET,Perl, Java etc) can be used to communicate with iRS-2R-21 very easily. Easy to use commands are available to communicate with iRS-2R-21 for Switching On/Off of Relays and playing with Input/Output channels and analog inputs.

For more information, please download the User manual of iRS-2R-21 from our download section at https://iknowvations.in/downloads/. If you have any questions send your query to our support team at support@iknowvations.in

The revised ikantrol-R242 V 2.1 software ( freely downloadable from our download section at https://iknowvations.in/downloads/ ) can be used to test & operate iRS-2R-21 card.

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