iR-12C 12 Channel IR Remote Control Relay Board

iR-12C 12 Channel IR Remote Control Relay Board.

iR-12C 12 channel IR remote control relay board -

iR-12C 12 channel IR remote control relay board

You can buy this board from our online iknowvations shoppee.

You can have User Manual of iR-12C 12 channel IR remote control relay board from our download section.

Features –
– Based on latest microcontroller.
– Twelve relay outputs for different kind of requirement.
– Potentially free NO & NC contact outputs.
– Momentary & Toggle mode selectable by DIP switch.
– All On & All Off facility.
– Long range.
– Easy to add remote control facility to many projects.
– Visual LED indication for correct IR signal reception.
– Visual LED indication for each Relay.
– Small & Compact size.

Can be used for –
– Switching lights & fans on & off at homes, offices, shops, hotels by remote.
– Switching motors on & off.
– Converting machines & equipments to be operated by IR remote.
– Replacing switches with IR remote.


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  • joe white BP says:

    First question will you ship to Uk, Scotland, Glasgow, Postcode G74 4QD and how much.

    2nd Question, i wish to have this board mounted above a Ceiling along with a whole host of power relays for our showroom, can i place the ir Receiver itself in a remote location from the board? (In our showroom)
    I have several runs of cat 6 into our showroom from the control panel, in which i could run 12/24v ac along and drop the voltage to 5vdc for the ir sensor and return data Gnd back down one of the twisted pairs to the pcb,

    and thirdly does this pcb come in kit form ?

    Thanks Joe

    • Jayprakash says:

      First answer – Yes, we ship world wide.
      Second answer – Yes, you can do it but noise level has to be checked practically.
      Third answer – It comes in totally assembled & tested form.

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