RC Remote Control Cars – The inside story

Remote Control Car or RC Car – Let us look inside !

Remote control cars has been a big attraction to children and adults alike. Have you ever wondered what is there inside ?

Well, today let us see the inside picture.

Rc remote control car-cars-iknowvations-1

Typical remote control car

This is a picture of remote control car which I have. Now let us examine it from outside. The close up of backside looks awesome !

Rc remote control car-cars-iknowvations-2

Remote control car backside

Rc remote control car-cars-iknowvations-3

Remote control car front wheel mechanism

This is what it looks when rc car is upside down !

Rc remote control car-cars-iknowvations-4

Remote control car backside view

If you open the battery compartment, you will see a large box for Ni-CD battery to tuck in along with a 2 pin connector. This connector is also used to connect to the battery charger.

Rc remote control car-cars-iknowvations-5

Backside view with battery compartment opened

Rc remote control car-cars-iknowvations-6

Close up of rechargeable Ni-CD battery

Oh ! This is what you will see when you remove top part of Remote control car. You can see the RF receiver board along with wired antenna. This is the main heart of any rc car.

Rc remote control car-cars-iknowvations-7

Top removed exposing RF remote receiver board

The backside view shows the back wheels with gear box. This whole assembly is supported by two springs which act as shock absorbers.

Rc remote control car-cars-iknowvations-8

RC car backside view

The front part shown below of remote control car is very simple. You can see a single small DC motor which turns the wheels left or right with the help of small half round shaped gear. You can see two wires clearly connecting to motor from main receiver board.

Rc remote control car-cars-iknowvations-9

Exposed front side

Well, I removed 4 screws and back wheels separated from main body. Only two wires are connected to the small DC motor which is tucked inside the middle portion that you see between two wheels. It powers gear system that is inside the large looking box. In fact there is only one small connecting toothed gear between motor and the gear of wheel shaft. But from outside it looks as if there is a big gear system !

Rc remote control car-cars-iknowvations-10

Back wheels separated

This is mains powered battery charger.

Rc remote control car-cars-iknowvations-11

Rechargeable Ni-CD battery charger

RF remote controller with antenna attached.

Rc remote control car-cars-iknowvations-12

RF remote controller

This is the RF remote controller with top part removed. It shows the 27 MHz transmitter which is paired with the receiver on board of Remote control car.

Rc remote control car-cars-iknowvations-13

Top half removed showing 27MHz transmitter

Below is the close up view of switch contacts which are pressed one at a time by the projected part of the lever. Note that the below contact is a very simple jumper wire ! What a clever idea and cheap too !

Rc remote control car-cars-iknowvations-14

Close up of two leaf switch contacts for turning Left & Right

Following is the close up of switch contacts that are leaf shaped and each one is pressed when you turn lever forward or backward. This in turn sends signal to receiver on board of RC car for respective movement.

Rc remote control car-cars-iknowvations-15

Close up showing leaf switches for Forward & Backward movement

So I think now you have got some basic idea what is there inside of any Remote control Car. RC cars are fun to play with ! Happy RC Carring ( ??)

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