August 12, 2016 What is Hot Air Gun ?

What is Hot Air Gun ?

What is Hot Air Gun ?

Hot air gun is basically as its name implies – a gun which blows hot air. Looks simple but it is one of the best & versatile tool for not only DIY hobbyists but professionals as well. The uses of Hot air gun is very wide – from home applications to various industrial applications.
hot air gun iknowvations
Today we will have a look into Hot Air Gun which is specially used for soldering the electronic parts. Surface Mount Devices ( SMD) are group of electronic parts which are very small to handle & solder. Most of them are difficult to solder by hand with solder gun but with the help of this Hot Air Gun, it becomes very easy to handle these SMDs.

In the first part of series of articles on Hot Air Gun, we will see what exactly consists the Hot Air Gun and how it is made.
hot air gun top removed, iknowvations
This is how it looks when the top part of the box itself is removed. The main parts consists following –

1. Switch & Knobs,
2. Electronic controller PCB,
3. Mechanical Blower
4. Power inlet & fuse part.

hot air gun front panel - iknowvations
The operation of Hot Air Gun –

The front panel consists of two knobs- one for Airflow and other for setting temperature. It also consists of Power On/Off switch.
hot air gun controller card - iknowvations
Once you apply power through switch, the controller card will start the blower and its output rate will be as per setting of the knob. The card will also start the heater, which is inside the gun to maintain the temperature of the air blown, as per setting.

The temperature of this particular Hot Air Gun can be set from 150 Degree Centigrade to 500 Degree Centigrade.

The flow of the hot air also can be set through knob.
hot air gun blower mountings
The blower mechanism vibrates when it is on so it is mounted on rubber mountings to absorb the vibrations and to reduce the noise it generates.
hot air gun power inlet and fuse - iknowvations
At the back side, fuse is also provided to protect the equipment, in case of overload.
hot air gun extra nozzles -
Apart from soldering, the Hot Air Gun can be used in many ways. Some of them are listed below-

1. At home – it can be used to paint stripping the oil & solvent based paints from wood.
2. In electronic industry it is used for soldering, desoldering components from the PCB.
3. It can also be used for shaping plastic sheet, pipe & road without leaving any burn marks.
4. The hot air also is used for heat shrinking the plastic tubes around many electrical joints and components.
5. Hot Air gun also can be used to weld plastic tarpaulins and coated textiles.
6. It is also used in footwear industry to correct the fit of customized inline skate boots.

Apart from all of these, the Hot Air Gun can be put to many other uses. Some of them will be covered in next part of the series.

In the mean time if you know any other use of this wonderful tool, do let me know so that we can include it ( of course with your name ) in the list. You can provide your suggestions to info ( at)

Till then Happy Air Gunning !



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