iKount – Digital Counter.

iKount is a very easy and versatile 8 digit digital counter. This counter can take inputs from any of our following boards –

1. U452  – USB Data Acquisition & Relay Board.

2. iRS-2R – RS232 based Data Acquisition & Relay Board.

3. iNano-IO – USB based 31 channel digital input/outputs board.

Main features of iKount Digital counter are as under –

1. 8 digit counter.
2. UP & Down Count facility.
3. Counting speed can be up to 30,000 counts per minute.
4. Includes Batch Counting facility.
5. Any time counter Stop & Reset facility.

It is very easy to setup iKount. Just download setup file from our download section to any folder & click setup file icon. The software will be installed on your PC.

To connect with U452 please refer to this blog entry.

To connect with iRS-2R please refer to this blog entry.

To connect with iNano-IO please refer to this blog entry.

Following are screenshots of iKount which explains its main features.

When you first start iKount, you will see following screen. Choose the COM port where your card is connected.

iKount digital counter-1 iknowvations.in

iKount digital counter-2 iknowvations.inAfter selecting correct COM port, press Connect button to connect with your card. If card is properly connected, it will be indicated by message. Also on bottom part of screen you will be able to see picture of the connected board.

Following screen shows when iKount is connected with U452.

iKount digital counter-3 iknowvations.inFollowing screen shows when iKount is connected with iRS-2R.

iKount digital counter-4 iknowvations.inFollowing screen shows when iKount is connected with iNano-IO board.

iKount digital counter-5 iknowvations.inAfter connecting with appropriate card, press Function tab which provides many options of iKount Digital Counter.

You can select UP or Down counting, Channel number, Reset Value and your choice between Simple or Batch Counter.

iKount digital counter-6 iknowvations.inAfter making your choices, press Counter tab to start counter. Following is the screen after you press Counter tab.

iKount digital counter-7 iknowvations.inThis screen shows some counts.

iKount digital counter-8 iknowvations.in

For some reason you want to reset the counter, press Stop button & then Reset button. You will see following Prompt screen to check for resetting of the counter.

iKount digital counter-9 iknowvations.in

If you have chosen the Batch Counter, you will see following screen. Enter proper batch value and proceed for Counter tab.

iKount digital counter-10 iknowvations.inCounter tab screen will show Total counter, Batch value and Total batch number display.

iKount digital counter-11 iknowvations.inAs the counter proceeds, you will see Total counts, Batch value and Total Batch number.

iKount digital counter-12 iknowvations.inFor counting UP you will see green upwards pointing triangle while Down counting will be indicated by Red downward pointing triangle.

iKount digital counter-13 iknowvations.inFollowing is another screen for down counting.

iKount digital counter-14 iknowvations.in

As shown above, iKount Digital counter is a very easy & versatile counter.

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2 thoughts on “iKount – Digital Counter

  1. Dear Sirs

    I am looking for an RS232 controlled relay card. I would like the card to have a timer feature.

    I can set the relay to operate by a command for a fixed period, say 5 minutes. If the unit does not receive another pulse command from the host in this time the relay drops out. If it does receive a command in this period it starts the 5 minute timer again.

    I want to use the board as a watchdog timer.


    Mike Clery

    Can you help.

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