February 9, 2013

How to wire Ethernet cables – Part 3

In the first 2 parts  ( How to wire Ethernet cables-Part 1 and How to wire Ethernet cables- Part 2) of this series we saw how to crimp Ethernet cables to RJ45 plug.

Now that you have cable with RJ45 plug connected, let us see if it is ok or not. This is how it looks when we have inserted the wires properly in the plug and is ready to put into the crimping tool. Check the wires are in order as per standard.

Close up showing RJ45 plug after the wires has been properly inserted.

This is how it looks from front. See how different color wires look !

Front view of RJ45 plug

Once it is crimped, it looks like below shown photo.

Close up of RJ45 plug after it cable has been crimped.

This close up clearly shows how metal pins of RJ45 plug pierce the outer layer of wires to make contact with inner conductors.

ethernet-cat5-wire-cable-rj45 jack-iknowvations-16a copy.jpg
Metal pins of plug pressed into the wires outer layers.

Ok, now we are armed with Ethernet cable having plugs at both the ends. Now you need checking tools as shown below.

Though this tool is very simple, it is very useful to check proper crimping of Ethernet cable to the RJ45 plug.

It consists of two boxes- one primary is the main controller with built in 9V dc battery. This tool is also having one RJ45 jack & one RJ11 jack. It is also having 10 LEDs – one for power & 9 for checking cable.

The other box is also having one RJ45 jack at one end & RJ11 jack at other end.

Testing tool.


Testing tool showing RJ11 port
Testing tool showing RJ45 port.

Now to test the cable, insert one plug into the RJ45 jack of main box & other end plug to the RJ45 jack of secondary box.  Start the tool by sliding the ON switch.

If cable is properly crimped, the LEDs on both the boxes will light one by one simultaneously in sequence. If there is any fault like no connection, wrong order of wires, the LED sequence will not be same on two boxes. If it is so, try to find out what went wrong.  In case there is problem of non contact ( respective LED will not light) try pressing the plugs again & test again, it may solve.

If there is problem of wrong order of wires, you have to cut the cable & do the crimping again. After crimping 5-6 plugs, it will be very easy to do the job as you will have enough practice to wire the Ethernet cables to RJ45 plugs.

Enjoy wiring of Ethernet Cables !

Ready cable connected to RJ45 ports to check
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