February 9, 2013

How to wire Ethernet cables – Part 2

In part 1 of this series we saw details of Ethernet cables and RJ45 Jack & plugs. Now we will see more of Tools required for wiring of Ethernet cables.

Below shown is a very useful tool for crimping of Ethernet cables or Telephone cables to various kind of plugs like RJ45, RJ12 and RJ11.

Crimping tool for Ethernet cables

Close up showing different slots for placing RJ45, RJ12 and RJ11 plugs.

Crimping tool close up showing front part

Metal teeth that press the golden pins of the plug to make contacts with inner conductor wires of cable.


Crimping tool close up showing back part

Apart from crimping, the tool has also got other useful parts to do cutting & striping the cables.

Crimping tool close up showing blades for cutting cable.

Now let us do it.
1. Remove about 1 inch of outer insulation cover of the cable.
2. Straighten the different pairs of wire.
3. Arrange them in required sequence.
4. Hold them flat & cut as per required length of plug.
5. Check again & note the first pin color wire.
6. Holding properly, insert the wires into the plug. Do not worry, the guides
will make it easy to insert the wires properly.
7. Check once again the order of wires and see that outer cover is also
inserted into plug beyond pressing mark.
8. Place the plug into the proper slot. Squeeze the handles firmly to set the
contacts and secure the cable.

This is how it looks when the different colored wires are arranged and cut to proper length as per RJ45 plug.


After inserting wires to the plug, place the plug into the proper slot.

RJ45 plug inserted into slot.

Close up view of how it looks from behind.

Back side view.

When you squeeze the handles the metal teeth press against the metal pins of plug.

Lever pressed.

The metal part in between, shown here will press the locking part of the plug to secure cable along with its outer cover.

Backside view unpressed
Backside view – lever pressed.

Squeezing two-three times will ensure proper crimping. And that is all ! Your Ethernet cable along with RJ45 plug is ready to go !

In next part we will see, what steps we have to take to ensure every thing is ok.

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