November 5, 2014 digital timer module 1 iTMR-36

Digital Timer Module – iTMR-36

Digital Timer Module – iTMR-36

Digital Timer module is a very versatile yet simple, fully programmable timer module. This module can be used in many applications where you require exact timing requirements. This timer module can be programmed for seconds, 15 & 30 seconds and minutes interval. Thus you can have timing delays ranging from 1 second to 256 minutes that is up to 4 hours and 16 minutes.

digital timer module 1  iTMR-36
Being a microcontrolled module, it provides accurate timing control. This digital timer module provides two timers in a single module. Both modules have their own programming pins and both timers can be used simultaneously. Each individual timer channel has got its own trigger pin, and has got its own output pin.

The output of both timer channels are at low level ( 0 volt) initially. Once their trigger pins gets input signal ( active low), the output pins goes High ( 5 V ) and respective LEDs starts blinking at the rate of 1 second that is one second on & one second off. This provides visual indication of the active timer channel.

digital timer module 2  iTMR-36
Once the programmed time has been elapsed, the output pin becomes low and the LED stops blinking, indicating the programmed time has been elapsed.

Programming of the timing is very simple. There are eight pins that can be made High ( the programming pins are normally high so to make them high, you do not have to do anything, just keep them as it is). Only when you want to make them low, you have to connect them to ground. The timing is controlled by the hex value of the pins. If you do not know Hex value, do not bother, just download the user manual from our download section & we have provided simple table to show how you can program each timer channel of this Digital Time module iTMR-36.

You can power the module by a power supply of 7 to 20 V DC. There is a 5 V DC power regulator on the board, which provides regulated power to the timer module.

There is also Power ON LED on the board to show the presence of the power to the board.

The size is also small- only 50 by 25 mm. So this module can be fitted anywhere, where space is a constraint.

We know there are tons of timer circuits where we use 555 timer ic. But because its timing component is based on a capacitor, it can not be used  to provide accurate and long term timing requirements. In all such situations this Digital Timer Module – iTMR-36 can be of great help.

The timer module can be used to operate Relays, LEDs, power transistors, Solenoids etc. as per individual requirement.

For more information about its functioning, you can download the User Manual from our download section at

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Though this timer module can fulfill most of the industrial & consumer requirements, should you need some more features or completely new timer module as per your requirement, let us know at . We will be able to provide you special solutions also.

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