Build yourself Remote control Light switch for four channels.

Remote Control Light Switch.

This remote control light switch is a perfect Sunday morning project. As you know making your self anything provides a great satisfaction! There is nothing more exciting then to make something yourself for you & your family. As far as Remote control light switch is concerned, you can also purchase ready made from some vendors but to operate it daily after making it yourself is great feeling.

Though knowledge of electricity is needed for this project, if you are not familiar, you can take help of your local electrician or some friend who knows about electrical wiring.

To make Remote control light switch, you will need following material –

1. iR-4C 4 channel infrared remote control relay board from iknowvations.

Remote control light switch

iR-4C 4 channel Infrared remote control relay board

2. Some electrical wires.
3. Wire stripper & screw driver
4. Bulb & bulb holder.
5. 12 V DC power supply. This you can get from your local electrical or electronics shop.
6. Multimeter.
7. Any Philips remote control handset. You can get it from your local market or order from iknowvations online shoppee.

Before starting this project, download iR-4C user manual from download section of iknowvations website. Go through it thoroughly to have detail idea of working of Remote control board.

Now let us make Remote control light switch.

First step –

Get your 12 V DC power supply. Check it with multimeter. Be sure that it provides around 12 V DC.

Second step –

Connect it to iR-4C board. Please refer to the diagram provided on page 5 of the user manual. Please note that Positive end of 12 V DC power supply is to be connected to outer pin of DC supply connector ( near to the black Diode). If you connect it otherwise, the board will not operate.

Third step –

Apply power to the board. The board power supply LED will be on. Now press Number 1 button on Remote handset. Relay 1 will be ON. You will hear “Tuk” sound of Relay one and also LED near relay one will be ON, providing you visual feedback. Again pressing the button will make the relay OFF. Same way check for relay 2,3 & 4 by pressing buttons 2,3 & 4 on remote handset. Please note that switch module should be in “Toggle mode”. If it is in “Momentary mode” the relay will be ON till you have pressed the remote handset button. The relay will be OFF the moment, button is released. This finishes the testing of the board.

Fourth step –

Now that the board is ok, we can proceed for wiring of bulb. Connect bulb as per diagram shown in User manual. Please do this yourself only if you know proper electrical wiring. Playing with electricity is very dangerous. If you do not know, take help of somebody who is experienced in this line.

Fifth step –

Again check total wiring specially AC side wiring. If everything is ok, first apply power ( 12 V DC) to the board. Keep yourself little bit away and then start AC supply. Press number 1 button on remote handset and see that bulb connected to the relay lights up. Same way other bulbs also.

Congratulations ! You have made Remote control light switch yourself. If you want you can see demo video here on Youtube. Same way you can also make 1,2,6,8 or 12 channel Remote control light switches also. Just get infrared remote control relay boards as per your requirement from iknowvations and you are ready to go !

If you need any kind of assistance for this project, you can contact our support team at support(at)

Happy remote controlling!!!

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