U452 Data Acquisition Card

U452 – Data Acquisition Card – An overview.

Data Acquisition Card is a circuit board consisting all the electronic parts mounted on a small PCB ( Printed Circuit Board). This DAQ Card are of two types.

1. To be inserted in empty slot of the motherboard of your desktop computer . The card stays inside of computer body.
2. Connected to any Serial ( RS232 ) port or USB port. The card stays outside of computer body.

R242 and U452 are examples of this kind of cards. R242 is RS232 based 4 Channel Relay cum DAQ Card while U452 is USB based 4 channel Relay cum DAQ Card.

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U452 – USB Data Acquisition Card











U452 is a very compact card having latest microcontroller on board along with other electronic components like 4 cube relays, USB B type connector, Power supply connector, LEDs etc.

U452 has got up to 16 Digital Inputs & Outputs. These are brought out with 2 Birg Strip Connectors. Each digital pin can be made Output or Input on the fly.

Digital outputs can be used for many purposes like driving LEDs, driving Transistors to switch high current loads, driving Opto Isolators, driving other ICs inputs like L298 for operating DC Motors or Stepper Motors. While digital input pins can be utilized for monitoring any parameters which can be converted in 0 or 1. That is on or off or High & Low or 0V or +5V. For example these pins can monitor if any door is closed or not using simple press to on switch or Reed Relay switch. Input pin can also be monitored and used as Digital Counter. You can also monitor various sensors like Vibration Sensors, PIR sensors, Magnetic Sensors and turn U452 – Data Acquisition Card into sophisticated Home Alarm System.

While one connector with 8 pins can be also made Analog Input pins. This Analogue input can be used to be connected with various kind of sensors having voltage out put. The Voltage can be in the range of 0 to 5 V. The resolution of analogue input can be of 8 , 10 or 12 bits. That is to say the input voltage of any pin can be converted into 0-255 ( 8 bit resolution) or 0 – 1023 ( 10 bit resolution) or 0-4095 ( 12 bit resolution). This can be selected through proper command. It depend upon you to use the proper resolution as per your requirement.

U452 can also be used as Home Automation System with intelligent use of its various digital inputs & outputs along with Analog inputs. It has 4 on board Relays that can be used to switch on/off any AC loads like Fan, Lights or any electrical equipments. These relays are capable of switching on/off AC load upto 5 Amps.

There are 4 LEDs on board for each of relay that shows the on or off state of any relay.

The U452 Data Acquisition Card is having DC barrel connector to supply 12 V DC. This dc supply is necessary to operate relays. If you do not require relays then you can operate the card without it also. In this case it will draw power from USB connector. Please see that if you are operating U452 from USB port without external 12 V dc power supply, the total power consumption of any connected circuit and U452 should not be more than what your USB port can supply.

This card emulates serial port when connected to a PC. That is PC will recognize the card as a Virtual Com Port. You can operate the card with provided command set. To know more about these commands please refer U452 User Manual.

As this is shown as Virtual Com, you can also control U452 using your own program written in various Higher level languages like C++, C#, Visual Basic, Delphi etc. You can also use the card with iKantrol-111, which can be downloaded free from our download page.

In short U452 is a very versatile and very easy to use Data Acquisition Card. Do try one

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  • Justin says:

    Hi Jayprakash,
    First of all thanks for such a nice article and product for entrepreneurs like us to make a market.
    I would like to know the programming tips for VB to read and write into card IOs. Suppose if i want to turn on a DO1 , How I should write the codes. Because our client needs better graphical interface. Would you mind giving us the driver details or DLLs associated with it so we can have try on it.

    Thanks and regards,
    Justin OJ

    • Jayprakash says:

      Dear Justin,
      Thanks for your visit. It is very easy to connect the U452 card as it will appear as Virtual Com on your computer. If you are using VB for graphical interface, just open the Virtual com port (first see what number is assigned by your computer) and send the proper command. That is it. The detail of available commands is provided in User Manual of U452. Click the link to download the manual or you can get it from our Download section also. Please go through it & let me know if you need more assistance.

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